Motorcycle Touring Checklist

TireCare Preventive sealant is a necessity when you’re going anywhere so that you are not stranded on the road because of tire getting punctured. Moreover, when going on a long journey on your motorcycle you need to be prepared. In addition to taking the necessary materials for fixing your motorcycle you need to pack some of the following things to give yourself a comfortable journey.

Touring Bag

A tourist or touring bag will be your go to bag for whenever you are trekking hiking or going anywhere. It will contain everything that you need.

Rain Suit

A rain suit is necessity if you are going on a long journey it can rain, because you might not be able to predict the weather. So, you should keep your rain suit on you.

Heated Jacket and Gloves

If you are heading towards the mountain or weather gets chilly you will need something to warm you up, while you are riding your bike. So, pack yourself a heated jacket and gloves.

Motorcycle Cover

You’re going to be parking your motorcycle somewhere and just like you need protection your motorcycle also needs protection. So get your motorcycle cover and keep it with you.

Water Bottles

This is a necessity so you should keep water bottles to keep yourself hydrated and you might even need it to for your motorcycle as well.

Cleaning Cloth

If your motorcycle breaks down on the way and you are trying to fix it then to keep yourself and your motorcycle clean you should keep a cleaning cloth with you.

Tool Set

A tool set and some basic mechanical tricks are a must so that if you need to repair your motorcycle anywhere you can use your toolkit.

First Aid Kit and a Protein Bar

You should keep a first aid kit for any emergencies. This will give you the ability to clean wounds or deal with problems like diarrhea or allergic reactions and a protein bar to keep yourself energized.

TireCare Emergency Repair Kit

Apply TireCare Preventive sealant into your tire before you start your journey to prevent tire puncture.

TireCare Preventive sealant for motorcycle - tire sealant

Why Motorcycle Riders Must Choose Their Tire Sealant Carefully?

Tire sealants are becoming increasingly popular. But a frustrating thing about advertised tire sealants is that they are all advertised like they work on everything. Firstly, some tire sealants don’t work on all types of tires. Secondly an unsuitable tire sealant is dangerous because it can damage the tires which can eventually harm the rider. Therefore, when choosing from different types of tire sealants it is important to not fall into the trap of misleading marketing and unsuitable products. And choose a tire sealant which will protect your tires and not harm them. If you are looking to find out the kind of tire sealants you should avoid then please read below:

Cheap and low Quality Tire Sealants

Cheap tire sealants might give you an illusion that you’re saving money. But cheap tire sealant will only damage your tire and even your rim. Moreover, cheap and low quality tire sealants can leave a hardened residue on the rim. And low quality tire sealant will cause blockage within the valve.

please use proper tire sealant

Therefore, it is important for you to purchase a high quality sealant so that you don’t damage your tire. Moreover, when talking about tire it is important to understand that you cannot ride a bike with a flat tire even for a short distance. Riding a bike with a flat tire not only cause you to lose control of speed and direction of your motorcycle, but can also cause damage to your tire beyond repair. So, with a flat tire you will end up ruining your tire permanently which can eventually ruin your rim as well.

So, the biggest safety tip you need to remember about tire is to not use inexpensive and low quality tire sealants on your bike and never to ride your motorcycle with a flat tire.

Run Flat Tire

TireCare Sealant - run flat tire tire sealant

Run flat tires are particularly styled and designed to keep functioning and running for a temporary run while even after they suffer a puncture. So if you get a puncture on a steamy, dark night, there is no need for an untidy and risky roadside tire change. And you ought to be in a position to securely drive home or to your nearest garage in order to have your tire replaced. Run flat tire also minimizes the risks of a severely risky and even deadly tire blow out due to their specialized manufacturing.

Basically, flat run are comprised of two major types: Self-Supporting, and Auxiliary Supported.


Self-Supporting tire has harder and stiffer rubber, that can has the ability to bear the weight of the vehicle under lower tire pressure for a short run of time. In case if you get Self-Supporting tire you will need a tire pressure monitoring system, which is currently government regulated standard equipment on new cars, because a driver might not observe that their tire has lost pressure without it.


Auxiliary supported tires do not have harder and tougher rubber, however, they are connected to a specific rim which has a steel aid ring that is linked to the wheel and can assist the weight of the vehicle. In simplest terms, run flat tires enable you keep driving even after a flat, enhancing safeguard first and utmost, the working technology behind run flat tire lets you to carry on with your driving for a certain specific distance at a fair speed after a consistent leak or puncture, and also avoids having to get beyond your vehicle on the side of the road as traffic pulls up. There are numerous advantages associated with run flat tire, like you won’t have to change tire in uncomfortable position and situation, low weight with more space and cost effectiveness etc.

Tire Safety Starts with Proper Tire Repair

Tire puncture is always a terrible situation to be in for a person. Most of the times, it occurs due to any outside object that gets into the tire and creates a hole in the tire. The initial step is to identify the difference between proper and improper tire repair as it is the most significant part. Because when in the case of tire puncture, the first effect is a loss of inflation pressure in the tire and if the driver carries on with the same damaged tire there are significant risks that it may blow out and cause serious injuries to the passengers.

There are numerous ways to repair your tire, including plugs, patches, combination of both and tire sealant. Plugging is the way in which plug is inserted in damaged area in such a way that it keeps the tire intact. However, it is a short-term solution. On one end, plugs are easiest, cheapest and swiftest way to repair tire while on the other hand, it is becoming obsolete and old fashioned method which makes it availability difficult. Almost similar is the case with patching and tire sealant, and they are alternative methods of tire repair. Tire sealant is the liquid form of protection and solution.

Tire Sealant: Tire repair

Safety and security are other important aspects to consider while you are fixing a tire puncture. Getting to tire service technician is always recommended as he is the expert and will always ensure the security measures which is important because improper tire repairing can cause a catastrophe for the lives of people. However, if you opt to fix the tire puncture by yourself, TireCare Sealant is the safest and proper way to repair the tire. TireCare sealant is made up of rubber latex, nanofiber and plant extract which makes them environment-friendly and organic and as a result, it does not have any hazardous impacts on tires or rims.