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Tyre Sealants Comparison

When it comes to choosing a tyre sealant, there are so many options on the shelf right now with so many different types and brandings. Without any expertise or knowledge regarding tyre sealant, you would probably be staring at a shelf full of tyre sealant blankly waiting for a sales person to give you a long lecture on which tyre sealant is suitable for you. But with this article, we attempt to give you a break down on what types of tyre sealant are there in the market and what are the pros and cons for each types of sealant.

Normal Tire with TireCare Sealant VS Run Flat Tires

Run Flat Tires (RFT) has become increasingly popular in the recent years with more and more car manufacturers are offering RFT for newly launched cars. The rationale behind having a RFT installed is that changing a puncture tire has become such a drag, and punctures always seems to find us at such an unwelcome timing. […]

Every Cyclist Should Know About Flat Tires

What is Flat Tire? A flat tire is a flattening tire which can cause the wheel ride on the rim and tire tread. It can result in irreparable damage to the tire and cause loss control of the bicycle. With good riding technique and knowledge, flat tire are avoidable. Anyone who rides a bicycle should be prepared to prevent a flat tire.

Pre-Ride Bicycle Inspection

When it comes to cycling, doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned rider or just getting started, we are always anxious to get on the bicycle and start peddling. But for your own safety, it is always good to develop a habit to perform some of the few simplest pre-ride inspection. By doing so, you would have reduce the risk of bicycle mechanical failures or crashes which could result in serious injuries.