Motorcycle Touring Checklist

TireCare Preventive sealant is a necessity when you’re going anywhere so that you are not stranded on the road because of tire getting punctured. Moreover, when going on a long journey on your motorcycle you need to be prepared. In addition to taking the necessary materials for fixing your motorcycle you need to pack some of the following things to give yourself a comfortable journey.

Touring Bag

A tourist or touring bag will be your go to bag for whenever you are trekking hiking or going anywhere. It will contain everything that you need.

Rain Suit

A rain suit is necessity if you are going on a long journey it can rain, because you might not be able to predict the weather. So, you should keep your rain suit on you.

Heated Jacket and Gloves

If you are heading towards the mountain or weather gets chilly you will need something to warm you up, while you are riding your bike. So, pack yourself a heated jacket and gloves.

Motorcycle Cover

You’re going to be parking your motorcycle somewhere and just like you need protection your motorcycle also needs protection. So get your motorcycle cover and keep it with you.

Water Bottles

This is a necessity so you should keep water bottles to keep yourself hydrated and you might even need it to for your motorcycle as well.

Cleaning Cloth

If your motorcycle breaks down on the way and you are trying to fix it then to keep yourself and your motorcycle clean you should keep a cleaning cloth with you.

Tool Set

A tool set and some basic mechanical tricks are a must so that if you need to repair your motorcycle anywhere you can use your toolkit.

First Aid Kit and a Protein Bar

You should keep a first aid kit for any emergencies. This will give you the ability to clean wounds or deal with problems like diarrhea or allergic reactions and a protein bar to keep yourself energized.

TireCare Emergency Repair Kit

Apply TireCare Preventive sealant into your tire before you start your journey to prevent tire puncture.

TireCare Preventive sealant for motorcycle - tire sealant

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