Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riders

One of the basic safety tips for riding on a bike is to keep a tire sealant on you, so that you never have to worry about being stranded anywhere because of a punctured tire. However, there is more to motorcycle safety than tire care only. It is established that motorcycles are not as safe as cars and the accidents on motorcycle are more likely to happen then car crashes. Therefore, you should learn motorcycle safety tips for riders so that you can prevent accidents or any other problems motorcycle riders face. If you are looking for motorcycle safety tips for riders, please read below:

Pre-ride Inspection

Precaution is always advisable, so before riding your bike you should check if you have tire sealant on you. Then, make sure you check the oil, filters, and tires for any damages, coolants, grease and everything else mentioned in our motorcycle checklist.


Wear the right Gear

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. So, purchase a gear that fits you perfectly and is tight, so that in case of falls or any unfortunate accidents your gear can protect you.

Prevent riding in Bad Weather

Bike rides are already a slippery slope and in bad weather they become more slippers. So, make sure you prevent riding your bike in bad weather. If it rains it might not only end up making you wet but it can also cause more accidents.

Pay attention to the Road

One of the biggest mistake bike riders make is not paying attention to the road and thinking that they can pass from anywhere. Just like car rides it is extremely important for you to pay attention to the road.

Use TireCare Preventive Sealant

If you use TireCare preventive sealant you can prevent flat tire and tire puncture. So, make sure you keep a TireCare sealant on you and apply TireCare preventive sealant into your tire before heading to the road.

The Benefits of a Portable Car Air Compressor

Conventional air compressors in your typical garage or workshop tend to be large and stationery. The notion of a compact, portable car air compressor working efficiently is a bit startling, but many models that are presently selling in the market have features that would definitely come in handy. In and around the house, in the car, to other jobs, you carry it anywhere and use it anyway. In this article, we will see a few of the manifold benefits of using a portable car air compressor.

TireCare portable car air compressor

Emergency Tire Repair

Whether you are on a leisurely cruise or important journey in your car, when your tires suddenly decide to flat, you are in big trouble. A portable car air compressor that you can take around in your car is a godsend solution. While some portable models run off batteries, others can even be plugged in to your car’s DC power. In an emergency, the compressor in your garage is not going to cut it, and a solution of this sort is perfect.

Benefits The Driver And Tire

When you need to remove wheel nuts, having access to air tools makes maintenance much quicker and easier. To check the air in the tires, you won’t be needing to stop at gas stations. A portable compressor that you can use wherever necessary would be hassle-free.

Air compressors can be used to deflate car tires. If you are thinking why it is necessary, then read this. Too much air in the car tires can unbalance them. The driver can use the air compressor to deflate the tires. To deflate, you will need to use the air release button on the portable compressor.

Whatever may be the purpose of your using the tool, there is no doubt that portable air compressors are handy tools for numerous jobs.



Innovative Solution to Emergency Punctures: TireCare Car Tire Puncture Repair Kit

When your car tires decide to go flat on an important journey, and all the workshops are closed, it is a dire situation; and a dire situation calls for a genius solution. TireCare car tire puncture repair kit is that genius solution! Easy to use, efficient, environment friendly, non-corrosive, non-toxic; with the miraculous innovation of this kit you can permanently seal punctures of up to 12 mm, moreover, in under 10 minutes! While traditional repair takes at least 30 minutes, and is often bothersome, this impressive product is hassle-free, and once you’ve used it, you won’t have to again, until your tires go flat all over.

Contents of TireCare car tire puncture repair kit

  • Portable car tire air compressor – 1 piece
  • TireCare Revive – 2 x 400 ml
  • Tube Injector – 1 piece
  • Valve Opener – 1 piece


Importance of TireCare car tire punctures repair kit

In today’s industry, the life of a product is rarely guaranteed with much conviction. However, TireCare can guarantee you a shelf life of five years; the longest in the industry! We also provide, along with the kit, a five year warranty; and we can proudly claim that no other product in the industry offers warranty for this long!

You may watch our video guiding the installation of the kit on your vehicle, and see for yourself the workings of TireCare. Customer reviews are testament to the fact that we have been selling top-notch products for ages, thus our repute is what it is!

This kit is applicable on both tubeless and run-flat tires. Use the Permanent Sealant according to instructions, and you can drive on the punctured tire until it goes flat again. Our product is non-hazardous and certified by SGS; it is a savior in the most pressing of emergencies!

World 1st Permanent Sealant for All Types of Tires

Being the world’s first permanent sealant for passenger vehicles, it needs no word to expound its effectiveness to liberate a punctured tire. Not only it is effective to inflate and seal up the pierced tires of bicycles, but also to motorcycles, trucks and buses.

TireCare Permanent Sealant is an eco-friendly product that is made from a perfect combination of natural rubber latex, pitaya extract and nanofiber. When the tire is punctured or flat, air pressure will bring the mixture to the piercing and the mixture will form a network to seal the puncture automatically and immediately.

Tirecare Permanent Sealant is manufactured 100% in Taiwan and is an award winning tire sealant that can be used in all types of tires to redefine puncture protection. Created with meticulous formula and texture, it is made to last and seal up to 8mm hole piercings.

Without needing a spare inner tube or tire during your ride, you should be calm all time when encounter accidental flat tire situation. Technical skills are not required, it will be convenient, easy and safe DIY in just 10 minutes using TireCare Permanent Sealant.

Changing a spare tire may be complex, but never the application of TireCare Permanent Sealant.


TireCare Permanent Sealant is applicable for bicycle, motorcycle, vehicle or truck owners.

Easy installation and completely DIY

Permanent, so you don’t need to replace your punctured tires

Saves you a lot of money, time and effort

Certified eco-friendly