Spare Tire

Tire puncture is a problem anyone could face and that’s why most of the people keep a spare tire in their cars. However, if you’re one of the few people who do not keep a spare tire, then TireCare wants to share some benefits of a spare tire so that you can save yourself from a lot of hassle and difficulty:

Pros of a Spare Tire

If you keep a spare tire in your car then the biggest pro is that next time you face a problem of tire puncture you can just change it with your spare tire and be on the road. However, using a spare tire could be difficult but not everyone knows how to change a tire, in addition to spare tires being extremely heavy.

With using TireCare tire sealant, drivers can reduce the need for a spare tire and tire puncture

Types of a Spare Tire

There could be two different types of spare tires in your car. Most of the cars today do not have actual spare tires but they have a temporary tire that can be used as a spare tire to get you home safely. The temporary tire is called dough and instructions generally are to not drive on more than 50kph to get home safely on a temporary tire. Some people keep actual spare tires in their car specifically on long journeys so that they don’t have to be stranded on the road.

TireCare has designed an excellent car sealant that can reduce the need for a spare tire, because it is a:

  • Permanent tire sealant and can seal multiple puncture holes up to 12mm in just few seconds.
  • Safe for driving unless the tires goes flat.
  • Works on tubeless and run-flat tires.
  • TMPS friendly.

Car Tire Sealant - TireCare Emergency Repair Kit for car

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