What are the causes of tire punctures?

tire puncture without TireCare car tire sealant

Tire repair is not really possible unless you are aware of the causes of tire puncture. Or you are hiring someone else to do it for you. In order to help you reduce your stress next time you are stuck with a flat tire, we have created a list of causes of tire puncture and puncture prevention tips to help you avoid the problem:
1) Causes of punctures
Damaged Valve
A tire puncture can primarily be caused by damage from a sharp object, e.g. if there are nails, glass or sharp stones on the road and your tire unfortunately drove over them you will have a flat tire. Sharp objects can damage vales which lead to a flat tire.
Excessive Use
Old tires have weak seals which are leaked or damaged easily and can become a cause of frequent tire puncture. This is why it is recommended to change tires after a certain time period.
Collision and Rubbing
If a tire is rubbed continuously and excessively against the road, e.g. due to frequent breaking during over speeding then it can be damaged easily and become a cause of the puncture. Moreover, tires can also be punctured, if the tire rim and tire are separated by collision.
2) Puncture prevention tips
• Check the air pressure of tire regularly- if possible on weekly basis.
• Maintain an optimal tire pressure.
• Avoid over or under-inflation of your tires.
• Use alloy wheels if possible.
• Replace or fix rims if they are bent or full of rust.
• Always carry a tire repair kit, or tire care sealant with you in the car.
• Keep a spare tire, jack and jack handle in your car.

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